Q.What kind of companies have you implemented SAP?

A. Please refer to the following page to find out about IPS’s implementation records.

Q.What makes IPS different from other vendors/partners?

A. SAP ERP is a product that has been used by 195,000 companies globally and is increasingly being used by large companies as well as small and midsize companies because of its many functions and know-how. IPS is one of the few SAP ERP Platinum Partners in the world, and as a SAP ERP specialist, we are able to provide our customers with cost-effective proposals, implementation, and maintenance services, differentiating us from our competitors.

Q.We are concerned because IPS’s location is far from our company.

A. Recently, many companies are using remote maintenance instead of on-site maintenance. This is because it reduces  maintenance costs. Of course, if you want us to perform maintenance on-site, we can visit you. We also have IPS partners with whom we have a cooperative system, so we can leave the maintenance to them.

Q.Can you handle industry-specific operations?

A. IPS has implemented SAP for about 80 customers using the big bang method, and we have a large number of business functions and processes that have been used in actual business operations. We have experience in establishing sophisticated operations and implementation methods by separating standard operations from individual operations, even for customer consisting of eight different business units.