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We are not an AI/IOT store. Say goodbye to individual optimization and POC fallout. Let’s aim together to create concrete management effects, total optimization of companies and factories, and new value creation!

DX is used in a variety of ways, from the creation of new value through the use of digital technology to the mere use of IT. We are particularly concerned about the fact that there are many cases where individual operations have been improved by using AI, and that the specific implementation has not progressed beyond POC, and has not led to significant management effects. We are differentiated from such cases and provide consulting services from two perspectives in order to support customers who have implemented ERP to aim for further transformation.


First Point

Our goal is to bring about direct and quantitative management effects throughout the entire company and factory by utilizing new technologies, and to promote these effects together with our customers. For example, our services include reviewing entire operations, including peripheral operations that have not been achieved through ERP implementation, and utilizing IT to dramatically improve efficiency and transform the human resources structure, and utilizing new technologies such as AI/IOT to expand productivity of the entire factory.

Second Point

The purpose of our services is to solve our customers’ problems, and we find and engineer the best technologies and products from a vast ocean of information to solve their problems. Many IT vendors sell individual technologies and solutions such as AI, IOT, RPA, etc., and are not in the business of solving customers’ problems. There are many technologies being developed in the world, but they are so vast, fragmented, and specialized that customers are unaware that there are technologies that may be able to solve their problems. This is why customers need “engineering”.

Smarter Factory Support Service

With existing facilities and assets as a premise, IT and new technologies are used to eliminate bottlenecks and increase productivity of the entire factory!

As one such DX service, we are now focusing on the Smart Factory Support Service.This service aims to increase output and reduce costs by reviewing the entire factory’s operation and management structure based on the management and know-how of production management and the concept of total optimization that we have accumulated through our experience with many manufacturing companies through the implementation of SAP. Many people think of
“smarter factories” as something that requires a lot of money, such as the introduction of new automated equipment, robots, and automatic transporters. Our concept is to increase the productivity of the entire factory by eliminating those bottlenecks through the use of IT, based on the existing facilities and assets. Please let us work together with you to consider what kind of improvements and reforms can be made at your factory. We recommend that you start with the formulation of a concept!


Case Studies

Monitoring and Measurement Case Studies


It monitors cooling conditions, the key to quality control in film inflation molding, and detects and alarms abnormalities. The objective is not simply to automate and streamline quality monitoring, but to establish unwavering confidence in the quality of the products offered to customers. In the future, the company aims to control the process according to changes in cooling conditions. 


Measuring the size of the stones to be fed into the limestone calcination furnace. This is the first step to ensure proper calcination in order to increase the yield of the lime plant. By detecting the size of the limestone, it is possible to calculate the approximate amount of fuel and air to be fed into the calcination furnace. In the future, the company aims to optimize the process by automatically controlling these factors as well.


In case 1, we solved the problem by using a special infrared camera for surveillance (not AI), and in case2, we employed machine learning by applying a model of video plus object detection. We gather a variety of knowledge, conduct technical research and experiments to solve our customers’ problems, and pursue the optimal solution each time!
This kind of engineering service is the essence of what we do!

Networking & Alliances

In order to gather a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge to solve our customers’ problems, we have established a cooperative system with the following parties.

Technical Advisor

Professor Yasuyuki Matsushita, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University

Professor Hiroaki Matsukawa, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Association Activities

Engineering Advancement Association of Japan, Smart Factroy Lab Co.,Ltd

Factory Scientist Association, Sponsoring Member