Nikkei industry forum held in 2012 and guest questionnaire of "the possibility of the business innovation with the tablet terminal", half of guests "used a tablet terminal on operation now" and answered it that 98% should utilize it on duties "necessary" or "in the future".(Picture1 September 6th 2012 Nikkei industry news forum guest questionnaire)

In 2011, there is only 9.2% company have tablet terminal, but it increase to twice of last year 18.4% of company have tablet terminal in 2012. (Picture2 Yano Institute of Economic Research※1)

  • 図1 業務上でのタブレット端末の必要性
  • 図2 法人のスマートフォンとタブレット端末の導入率の比較

There are many purposes to implement tablet terminal

but most of the reason is for operation optimization and convenience.

PC to Mobile

As for the directionality of the big system industry is changing to the client server from host type, and server is changing to mobile from PC. Productivity and the mobility improve drastically to use mobile for operation.

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