SAP ERP implement global operation cooperation

One of the best features of SAP ERP is global operation. There is several language, currency, each countries accounting and support base in the world.

Specially, the accounting system has various kinds as local system, Japanese standard for connections, and the IFRS standard.
Therefore SAP ERP can implement to operation cooperation for many subsidiaries in global.
For example, it is possible to confirm order processing in real time in china by Chinese and to confirm production plan, progress of Chinese base in real time in Japan by Japanese.
It is possible to confirm global accounting, cash management, demand and supply, purchasing, project cooperation, business cooperation and proceeding.
So we can say that SAP ERP is the only one to exploit information base in global.

Global operation and Implement service of “EasyOne”

There are so many companies using “EasyOne” in global.
It is a product already translated to English and Chinese, and operated to global accounting and operation cooperation. (Most of the template products can’t operate in global so the customer has to do it by themselves)

It is required to know the information to implement SAP for using SAP ERP in foreign countries. IPS provides global implement service to have global operation cooperation. To implement all global accounting, supply chain management, project cooperation, it is necessary to have a basic design of SAP ERP and standardization of global operation.

For example, ledger account, systematization of various segment information, standardization of item and customer master, systematization of cost accounting, etc.
IPS establishes our own methodology and our experienced senior consultant guide to do basic design for the customer. So it not just implements SAP ERP to overseas subsidiary, but also implements to achieve customer’s purpose as global accounting and operation cooperation safety.

And there is a customer who trying to use SAP ERP in global have needs to implement to 10 to 20 subsidiaries within 2 to 3 years. IPS can accept these requests reasonable by using a various operation process “EasyOne”.

United VARs

“UnitedVARs” is a network organized by SAP partners in the world to support globalization of the customer.

It is possible to support by local partner and local language for Japanese customers when you do globalization. IPS provides local support system for each global subsidiary.

“UnitedVARs” can only join one SAP partner in each country who is referenced by SAP.
So in Japan, we are the one join this organization and can provide this service.

Please click here to know about United VARs

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