Data Science

Recently, the demand to analyze big data is increasing in Japanese industry.
Big data stands for lots of data which is as same as the data in 5 billion-papers of newspapers (Customers data, trade data, master information and so on.).The action of catching the characteristics of the data and analyzing shift and relation of data, and making use of management and marketing is called “Data Science.”

The effect of the economy is over 7 trillion yen, and the action to it will be the next management theme in each company.

Because data science requires very high IT skills and task know-how, it is difficult for companies to do that originally.
IPS provides real-time that something happens right now and the way to analyze big data and cost management based on ABC rule which is becoming global standard as well as report control to you.

Evaluation of results (Sales)

This is the area of conventional Controlling. The subject that consists of report control is for example, sales, profit, purchasing, inventory, order and delivery, claim. Lots of report control seem to be complex, but these elements of construction are divided into roughly. We manage these elements as cubes in SAP and Soutatsu.

In IPS data center, we standardize more than 30cubes and edited 100 typical report controls.

Combination of cubes meets various requirements. In IPS data center, there have been environments that output controlling report. And, there are services to propose the way to see the data.

Business support

Let’s say that each of employee such as sales person has a secretary. How is that?
She lets you know the progress with customers, accidents, claims and inquiry, and information you need.
At management section, she support daily closing operation, accounting data, and invoice. At delivery centers or factories, she provides daily progress, changes and cutting into the line and the data which is for troubles.


For example, analyzing stocks.
You can evaluate the numbers of stocks based on sales results. By analyzing, you can avoid stock out and too mach stocks.

Analyzing well-sold line.
You can analyze goods which are sold well at the early stage.

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