What kinnd of industry have you introduced?

We are introducing our results (customers’ case) in this page.

The results of IPS is here

What is the difference between IPS and other vendros/partners?

Because SAP ERP has 440 thousands of customers globally and many functions and know-how, it is increasing to be used from middle and small sized companies as well, being used mainly in large sized companies. In these market, IPS devoted ourselves to introducing SAP ERP, and we are doing from proposing to maintenance as SAP Platinum Partner which is only a few in the world. That is the point that we can be clearly diffrent from other vendors/partners.

We worry that our office is far from IPS base.

Recently, many companies have a remote-service instead of gointo to customers office because that reduces the maintenance fee.
Of course, if customers need us to come to their office, it is able for us to go. And it is able to ask our cooperate partners to go there, as well.

Can you respond to the peculiarity of each inddustry?

IPS has 44experiences of big ban implementation and we have work many processes and functions which were ued actually. And we have an experience to introduce a customer which had 8 different divisions and did skilled task construction by separating standard task and individual task.

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