Concept of IPS

Concept of IPS

IPS has implemented SAP system to more than 70 companies as a professional partner of the SAP since the establishment for 20 years.

Our original product and service help globalization and mobility, reform and the improvement of duties as well as the Enterprise System. So we propose overall approach for your company.

The name of IPS stands for “Implementation Partner For SAP.”As the name shown, we are the company which supports customers’ operational reforms, and then system operations and maintenance support by introducing SAP ERP. Since the establishment, we have had lots of experiences trained our skills for 20 years for customers to use SAP ERP effectively.

Now in Japan, there are about 180 SAP partners; however, only 8 of them are gold channel partners which have the top level of sales achievements. IPS is one of the 8 gold channel partners, and has been certified as a top vender selling SAP ERP to second-tier and middle sized companies.

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