Message from CEO

We have devoted ourselves to introducing SAP ERP system and maintenance services by pursueing customers’ functional quality of enterprise system for 25 years since the establishment.We have implemented SAP ERP to more than 150 customers.Thanks to that, we are certified as a representative partner by lot of customers, SAP, and our partner companies.

Unfortunately, there are many managers and executives who do not feel they do not get enough cost effects for systems. And, in the information technology industry in Japan, this is the fact that there are only few systems and services which are really useful to customers’ business and managements.

So, we do not think that the goal is to construct the system, but think that improve customers’ quality function so that they succeed in functional reforms and improvements, and we provide information infra for that, and we think that our role is to cope with that goal through the service supporting using the system. And we have tacked developing, improving and studying everyday for three points, products, introduction service, and maintenance service to realize those.

To support customers who always face new problems in the market competition, we have developed new solutions using the newest technology and services. Recently, we have released Cloud providing service of SAP ERP, GlobalOne service to support customers’ expanding overseas by coping with 70 global SAP partners.

To those who feel some problems in daily works and think to improve, those who think these problems will be improved by system, those who think to renew system, please leave that up to us. We will tackle with you to your goal.

IPS Co.,Ltd.
CEO Hiroshi Watanabe

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