Toray International

Toray International

Succeeded in reducing management members drastically!

Succeeded in reducing a burden to make a consolidated accounts report

Company profile
Establishment December 1986
Numbers of employee 380(April 2003)
Capital Stock JPY 2.04 billion
Net sales JPY 429 billion (Fiscal Year 2010)
Business Category Trading company
Business segment Dealing with various items such fibers, chemicals, machineries, apparels, and so on, focusing on overseas trade.
Contents of introduction Introduced purchasing management, Inventory management, sales management, financial management and accounting management of SAP ERP.
Operated in Accounting department and one sales department (model department) for a year, and then other sales departments for six months.
Introduced SAP BW additionally.
Period SAP ERP; from November 1999 to July 2001
BW; from October 2002 to August 2003

Contribution to shorten a term of consolidated accounts is a key issue

In many companies, releasing financial information including consolidated accounts early is considered one of the company evaluation indexes in market.
Toray International, Inc (Hereinafter; TI) is the core company responsible for trading business overseas of Tray group, and it was the important key issue for TI to shorten the term of consolidated accounts as a leader of Tray group.
So they started a project utilizing the information infrastructure constructed by SAP ERP.

“Introduction” of SAP ERP is not a goal

In TI, they already had introduced SAP ERP (IPS public package for trading company), and shortened a term of financial results and stored useful information to manage their tasks at the “DAIFUKUCHO”database of SAP ERP.
TI was being ready to take advantage of SAP ERP, in other words, ready for whole company to enhance the quality, or productivity by using that information.

Effect by use of BW

BW provides infrastructures whose way of use is alike access and excel users are familiar with. They started a project to shorten the term of consolidated accounts by using those infrastructures. As a result, it only took half of the day for the process of financial results by using BW when it took three days only after introduction of SAP ERP. And the work to make consolidated report for which it took two weeks could be reduced for one week. As a result, it was late for the deadline of the submission document (April 14) before the introduction of SAP ERP AND BW, however, they could be in the deadline by introducing SAP ERP.

Furthermore, by introducing BW as well, they succeed in hastening one more week. In addition, they could reduce overtime work from one hundred hours per month to sixty to seventy hours. As a result, they were succeed in shortening the term of consolidated accounts of not only their own, but also whole groups’, and PROJ in TI got president award.
The effect to introduce SAP ERP is introduced in some books, BW is necessary for the effect at whole company. The interface of BW is easy to use, and that promotes the use of information. That is the information infrastructure that brings up the ability of information use of each employee, strengthens the company power, and strengthens competitiveness.

IPS modeled BW to realize the construction of BW environment early. Even though public package for trading company and manufacturing are equipped with that model, we started to release BW model itself in August 2004.
We would like both companies which have introduced SAP ERP and have not introduced yet, to consider about it.

IPS not only helps to introduce SAP ERP, but helps to enhance the effect of SAP ERP introduction and to strengthen company competitiveness.

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