Alliance with SAP Japan

SAP Partner

Since the establishment in 1997, we have devoted ourselves to SAP for 25 years.

In the SAP market, basically SAP sells license and partners provide supports of implementation. IPS is one of few partners which can provide both license and supports. We have more than 150 customers as a prime vendor.

Since landing at Japan in 1980s, SAP has been thought to be difficult because the idea is totally different from conventional hosting type. But we have tried to edit for Japanese industries and improve our skills by adding our original device from more than 40 implementations and experiences for 25 years.

This basic principle is adding functions which are suit for customers technically, and dedicating easy way to maneuver. At the same time, for the maintenance service, the importance is not only educating during the introduction, but walk with customers.
The system of our maintenance organization has been done by only full-time workers since the establishment, and that keeps the security and quality of IPS.

IPS is the channel partner which has the right to resale SAP license.

There are only 82 companies which are certified for their skill of resale and which have a right to resale between more than 357 SAP partners.

SAP Japan

SAP top-level partner “Platinum Partner”.

IPS was “SAP Gold Channel Partner” which is a partner with the highest SAP license sales performance until 2015, Recognized in the global performance of UnitedVARs to which IPS joins, it has become the top “SAP Platinum Partner” since 2016. Among over 200 SAP partners in Japan, there are only 9 platinum partners.


United VARs has been organized from the partners each of which are chosen as a dominant partner in SME market in each country aiming for maintenance and support for the customers which are expanding over the world. And IPS has been chosen representing in Japan, and acting as chairman of East Asia.

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