Soutatsu is ERP engine designed by new idea as ERP which can be used by SAP together. It has not only conventional input and output function, but various application functions and coordination of real-time data which works for coordination of works, as analyzing engine for data science.

  1. Certificated for RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) by SAP Japan
  2. Corresponds to mobile
  3. Corresponds to safety (security)
  4. Settings of rights for each device and user ID
  5. Corresponds to interactively
  6. Quick response
  7. Corresponds to smart-phone and tablet

To use SAP by Mobile

This is IPS original product that we have accepted SAP mobile solution, Sybase Unwired Platform into.
Soutatsu lead you carry out SAP to the business site.

  • It is able to change the screen which is said to be difficult to input by SAP to the screen which customers want to change.
  • By renovating data in SAP and Soutatsu alternately, you can manage the progress
    as well as avoid double input.
  • It can be used as an input terminal of business site(Pocket type) for the input of order, input of goods issue/goods receipt, and product plan.
  • It is able to search past report, check main section, and copy references,
    and it is kind and close to users.
  • It is able to use SAP via internet even in the Asian area
    where infrastructure is not enough.
  • It is safe even though users lose it.
  • It is able to use it as EasyOne cloud terminal.

Mobile adapted ERP

It is mobile typed ERP which has been evolved as Soutatsu version II.

It works by itself by independent application engine and database engine. Not only as Enterprise system in a office, it adapts mobile and has enough security such as certification, encryption, and multi-logon.
(Capable for remote management by SAP Afaria)

  • Next generation typed ERP which adapts mobile and can be used interactively.
  • It has a quick response function which corresponds to various
    daily work at the areas of data input, reference, search, and report.
  • Design for business site
    that has full support for users by focusing on daily tasks at business site.
  • It is able to set rights of data input and data research multidimensionally,
    such as user ID, organization information.

Soutatsu standard price

The price for the service to use EasyOne by Cloud.


License price
  • for sales
    ※Need the left price x 20% as DB fee
  • for manufacture distribution
    ※Need the left price x 20% as DB fee
  • Settlement of expenses
Maintenance fee per year
    15% of initial cost

※Maintenance fee per year is 15% of initial cost.

Soutatsu i

License price
  • user price
  • DB fee
    20% of user price
Maintenance fee per year
    15% of license fee above
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